Kevin Clemons (born on an October afternoon in Oakland CA) the youngest of three boys is the owner of KLC Group, LLC. He attended Florida A&M University, Tallahassee Florida where he studied Computer Science and Business Administration.

Early Life

A child blessed with God-given talents, creativity and wisdom far beyond his years, found being a leader came quite natural to him. With supportive parents, he became a young entrepreneur. Very outgoing and always one that cared for and about others , it was very easy for Kevin to make life-long friends. Also, being saved early in life and living a Christian lifestyle has been the most positive and rewarding aspects of his life.

Some of his passions include music (both as a  singer and musician), athletics,  public speaking, working with youth and helping others enhance the quality of their lives through sound, practical and creative ideas.

A Personal Message From Kevin

There are many things that will help to shape and mold you into the person that you will become in life. Always do the right thing first and don’t worry what others may think or say.  Be kind to yourself by being kind to others.