This is a must have book for the little loved ones in your life... Morgan F,  FL .

The ending gave me goose bumps... Tia W,  AZ.

My 4 year old loved it so much I had to read it to her 4 times...  Don Q,  CA.

This book has a real message for everyone and the artwork is outstanding!!!  Nicole M,  WA.

This was a wonderful gift to give to and read with my Grandchild...  Janeen R,  CA.


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“Why Am I Blue?” is a Christian oriented children’s book with a beautiful and inspirational message for all ages.

The first children’s book from KLC Productions.  We hoped to emphasize quality content as well as amazing artwork. These things are very important to the development of today's young minds. We also believe that there is no child more important than the other. EVERY child is important and a special gift from God.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.





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